Lilla Rose – Quick Intro to the Flexi-Clip

Today I want to introduce you to Lilla Rose! Lilla Rose makes beautiful, functional, and most importantly, comfortable hair accessories and hair jewelry – flexi-clips, hair bands, bobbies, flexi ohs, you pins, hair sticks, and badge clips.

To be honest I wasn’t quite prepared to post this introduction quite yet.  However, Lilla Rose unveiled a 3-day sale beginning today along with the release of several new styles.  I didn’t want anyone to miss out!


Aug 27 sale flyer

I first learned about the Lilla Rose signature product, the flexi-clip, at Canton Trades Days in the Spring of 2013. I was with my mom who had seen the booth before and she encouraged me to stop and let them put my hair up. With my long and very thick hair, I looked at the clip and thought to myself, “well, this isn’t going to work.” The sweet lady running the booth grabbed my hair, twisted it, stuck a flexi-clip in it, and handed me a mirror. I was stunned. My hair was as secure as it could be. My hair, that usually took two thick ponytails to keep in place. My hair that didn’t hold cute updos without requiring 75 bobby pins and a freezing hair spray. (Seriously. After each formal event in high school I would count the bobby pins it took to hold my ‘do. It was usually between 55-75. I’ll never forget the time when getting ready for a prom the hair dresser said, “I have no idea where to put the rest of this hair!” She was only half way done.) I shook my head around and the clip stayed secure and strong. On top of all this greatness, the flexi-clip was beautiful. It allowed me to throw my hair up and it still look pretty. The lady also showed me that I could lay down or lean my head back on the couch, car seat, etc, with total comfort. No bulky ponytails. I walked away from the booth with a flexi-clip in two sizes. A large to twist all my hair up, and a extra small to just pull back the front.

Here is a small sampling of some of my recent styles.

Flexi styles2

Fast forward 4-5 months later when it was a million degrees outside (ok, maybe 100 degrees). I had just given birth and I was a hormonal and sweaty basket-case. I had a temporary loss of sanity and cut 12 inches off my hair in a major hack job. HUGE mistake. It took a year and a half just to even out the mess so I could start growing it again. During this time of major loss and despair (I was really bummed about my hair) all my hair accessories went into a drawer to be forgotten about until I had some hair to deal with, including my beautiful flexi-clips. For some reason, I didn’t think about the fact that I could’ve still worn my extra small flexi.

Several months ago, after a long journey to regaining my hair length, I pulled out my flexi-clips and fell in love all over again!

Flexi styles1

With a renewed love of all things Lilla Rose I decided that I wanted a discount to support my already extremely reasonably priced habit by becoming an independent consultant. So even though I swore I would never sell anything again, my hair thanks me for my new obsession. I have decided to use my blog as a venue to share some styling tips and tricks with others. While I do wear my hair down and enjoy incorporating Lilla Rose in that way, my main desire is to get my hair off my neck in a way that looks pleasing to me and more importantly, to my husband. Not so many ratty buns anymore. My goal is to share weekly styling posts under the new category “Lilla Rose”.

One of my biggest issues with traditional ponytails is that after one day I basically develop a bruise on my scalp due to the pressure and weight of the super thick pony tail. If you’ve been around me much in the last few months you know that I often wear my hair with a diagonal braid across the back of my head secured into a side pony. This keeps the pressure off my head. While I love this style, I get a bit bored with it. Now I can change up my look every day with different accessories without compromising my comfort and only adding to my style.

Check out these toddler styles we experimented with!

Flexi styles toddler 1

If you have any interest in trying out some beautiful hair accessories or hair jewelry I would love to help you. While I know people that have made significant income with Lilla Rose (because these products are amazing) my goal really is to just share the advantages of pretty hair! If a side income comes from it, then so be it. I will consider that a huge blessing. But for now, I’m considering my hair being off my neck and still looking pretty as my blessing.

Video – My Introduction to the Flexi-Clip

In future posts I will share more details about sizing info, product options, etc.
For now, feel free to look around at what Lilla Rose has to offer at and contact me with any questions you may have using the contact form on the upper right hand corner of this site or the contact form at my Lilla Rose link provided above.

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