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Welcome to my blog! My name is Holli Bennett. I am a stay at home mom and homemaker and I love every minute! Well, most of them. 🙂 My wonderful husband, Ryan, is a physical therapist and we had our first baby girl, Ryan Rachelle, in June of 2013.  We are excited to be expecting a baby boy, Lawson Ford, in October of 2015.

The name Gloryful Life just came to me one night. I was unable to think of a name that included the things I wish to write about. Marriage, motherhood, Christianity, labor/delivery, breastfeeding, holistic medicine…the list goes on and on. But I love the word ‘glory’. I strive to have a life full of glory to God in all situations. Easier said than done. Thus the name Gloryful. Yes, I realize that it isn’t a real word. 🙂 The name reminds me to work on this each and every day.

Occasionally, my husband will contribute an article under the title “Big Ryan”.  Under “Recipes” I will share some recipes that we enjoy in our home.  These are typically not my own recipes but rather our variation on another’s recipe.  I will like always disclose if these recipes are variations of another and will link to the original recipe.  The rest of the categories are pretty self-explanatory.

Please remember that my blog is full of my opinion on different subjects. I do not wish to force my beliefs on anyone, nor do I expect everyone to agree with me. This will be used to share stories about my growing family and to share my opinion on topics that interest me. Fair warning: I am sarcastic.

I hope you enjoy. Holli

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