Bath time

The Sound of Giggles

Tonight, as I’m soaking in my bathtub (which is lukewarm rather than my usual piping hot due to an unknown reason), I hear the sound of my 5 1/2 month old baby girl giggling and “talking” to her daddy. The sweetest sound. They do this every night. He bounces her on his knee and she oohs and ahhs over it until her head falls over and she sleeps in what appears to be the most uncomfortable position. Apparently, she likes it. Each and every night this happens.


It never fails. A few bounces on her daddy’s knee and she’s out.

I hear so often about moms that haven’t showered in days because they are so busy.  Thanks to my husband, not a day has gone by since Ry came into this world on June 28th, 2013 that I have not soaked in my bathtub. He gladly takes her each night after working all day and plays with her so that I can have my time in my bath. I believe it is because of this that I don’t feel that urge most moms do for “me time”. Or the need to get out of the house alone. Or the desperate need for girls night.  I know each day that Ryan will come home, get in his standard uniform of basketball shorts and a t shirt, eat dinner, then send me off for my bath.


How will I ever express to him how unbelievably helpful that is? I’ve never had to jump out of the tub due to a baby screaming uncontrollably and a daddy that feels helpless to settle her (ok, maybe once). How can I ever thank him for that? I know many people read this rolling their eyes, but it is true. Would Ry be such a daddy’s girl, would he have that magic touch with her if I didn’t have the faith and total trust that he could take care of her? If I feared handing her to him each time because he may not do it “right” (my way)? I don’t know the answer. But I’m so thankful for the full confidence I have in him.  It makes my life so much easier.


It will lead to Ry knowing that no matter what her daddy will take care of her. She will remember the feeling of his strong arms holding her like I remember my daddy holding me. I grew up knowing that nothing bad could happen to me because my daddy was my earthly protector. I know that Ry will grow up with the same confidence in her daddy.


As I’m writing this in my bathtub, I can now hear Ry screaming. Haha What can I say? Nobody’s perfect. 🙂


I’m so blessed to be Ryan Keith’s wife and Ryan Rachelle’s mother.  Thank you Lord for making this Your calling over my life.