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Daddy’s Super Power


We were just settling down. He was closer to sleep than I was but I was well on my way. That’s when I heard it. The whimpers and grunts through the monitor of a 7 month old baby trying to roll over and get comfortable. I turned on the monitor screen and watched her tangle her little legs in the blanket that didn’t get out of her way in the turning process.  Somehow that roll to her tummy also turned her sideways in her crib. She’s talented like that. Then the screams started. She had been teething for days and we had a similar experience the night before so we knew what was happening.

Thankfully Ryan heard her too.Thankfully he wasn’t asleep yet. And thankfully the next day was his late day at work, therefore he didn’t have to be up early. He crawled from the bed, went into her room, and I watched him pick her up on the monitor screen.


This is his super power. He has put her to bed every night since she was born. (Except for one night when I thought I was being helpful and put her to bed myself. He was upset. That’s his job. That’s his time with her. I won’t make that mistake again.)


I have a super power too. Two actually. They are called boobs. I can cure all her problems by sticking my boob in her mouth. I can even put her to sleep that way. 9 times out of 10 when she wakes during the night I can nurse her, she falls back to sleep, and I put her back in her crib. Then there are the times that doesn’t work. I lay her down and the crying starts. After a couple tries I know it is useless. Mommy just isn’t doing it right. That’s where daddy’s super power comes back into play.


I don’t know what he does to her or what he says to her but he can calm her in the middle of the night in a way that usually only the comfort of lactating mommy can do. Except he can actually put her in her bed and she will sleep in peace.


I don’t know what I would do without him during those rare occasions that she’s a fussy pants. I’ve always thought he was pretty special but fatherhood brought on a whole new set of super powers.

What is your husband’s super power? I’d love to hear!