Most Versatile Baby Shower Gift – Coconut Oil!

That’s right, coconut oil.  100% organic, unrefined coconut oil.  Why coconut oil?  Because it is good for just about everything!

coconut oil 2

For Baby: Dry skin, cradle cap, sunscreen, diaper rash, any type of scratch, bite, or bump.

For Momma: nipple cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, stretch mark cream, lubricant, and soothing balm for your postpartum lady parts.

This is just a very small list of what coconut oil is good for. It is great for cooking as well.  In my world, if breast milk won’t cure it then surely coconut oil will.

coconut oil and breast milk

I wanted to add coconut oil to a baby shower gift recently but didn’t want to give a five minute explanation of what all if could be used for.  So I decided to write a poem.  I typed it, printed it out, and taped it to the label of a coconut oil jar.  Add some ribbon and you’ve got a super cute (and super useful) addition to your baby shower gift.  Plus, it’ll be good for a few laughs.  Feel free to use the following poem, or even edit it to your own liking.  Note: I added my husband’s name to this poem.  Don’t forget to edit the name before gifting.  🙂

Coconut Oil

You are a new mom.
I was one too.
Coconut oil is the best.
So I got some for you.

Dry skin, cradle cap,
Diaper rash, & more,
Sunscreen, nipple cream,
And the place you bore. (your hoo ha!)

But for stuffy noses, gunky eyes,
Gross things you can’t deny,
Breast milk is the best,
If you’ve got a great supply.

In no time you’ll be healed,
And Ryan will be ready for some lovin’.
Use this oil while you’re makin’
Your next little bun in the oven.

Then one day very soon
You’ll hear from baby boo,
“My mom cures everything
With coconut oil and breast milk too.”

-Holli Bennett

Coconut oilI forgot to take a picture of the jar I actually gifted before I wrapped the box.  So here is one that I just threw together.  You can make it as simple or as fancy as you want.  My version took about 2 minutes with a 1 year old tugging on my pants and crying for some milk.  I don’t do much these days that takes a long time.  🙂