Is It Even Possible To Love My Kid More?

There is the kind of love that is automatic and the kind of love that grows.

I feel like I was born loving my parents, sister, and other family members and that’s all there is to it.  I just love them fully and have from the very beginning.  When I met my husband, I didn’t love him at all. (Let’s face it, his good looks caught my attention!)  I had to first get to know him in order to like him. That ‘like’ quickly turned to love.  That love has continued to grow and grow.  God willing, it will continue to grow until we die.

I assumed that loving my child would be that automatic kind of love.  I got to know her while she was in my belly and I loved her so much!  She was born and was just perfect in every way.  I thought I loved her fully.  Wrong!  I just thought that I loved her when she came out. Each day she does something that makes my heart literally swell in my chest.  She will hug me, squeeze my face (or hit it while tugging my hair), reach for me, look at me while playing to make sure I’m paying attention to the cuteness that she is displaying.  Or my new favorite, the ma-ma-ma-ma sound that she makes while crying.  I know it means nothing but it is just so dern cute!

I remember calling my mom several weeks after Ry was born.  “I keep loving her more!  I really didn’t think my love for her could keep growing.”  My mom said, “I totally understand!  That’s how I feel about you.”  Wow.  My mom must love me a lot!

I find myself looking at her in total awe of how stinkin’ cool she is.  She is so fun!  Then she throws a fit.


Clearly she didn’t like what she saw in the James Avery catalog. As you can see, she ripped it apart.

No matter how fussy she gets, she can redeem herself almost instantly by sticking those bottom teeth out in a grin.  When I use my stern “mommy voice” she just laughs at me.  I just can’t stay frustrated at anything for long with this little bundle of joy in my presence.  Can you blame me?

photoc photo 2

She can be in total meltdown mode but as soon you hold up the camera and say, “smile for mommy”, she stops, poses, and gives her best grin.  As soon as her smile has been captured, her fit resumes.  Diva. Diva.  I can only imagine what I am in for.

teary grin

If you look closely you can see the tears in her eyes from then fit she was throwing. As soon as I snapped this shot, her crying resumed.

Ryan and I were just discussing the amount of fun and joy she brings to our life.  If each future kid bring even a fraction of that to us, we are in for a very blessed and exciting life.  (Yes, we also discussed the crazy that will come with each of those kids too.)

I’m sure there will be days when my love for her grows rapidly and days where it stands still (think crazy teenage years) but she will ALWAYS be a blessing to her daddy and me.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from Him.” Psalms 127:3

What do your children do to redeem themselves to you?  What melts your heart towards them instantly? I would love to hear!