Serving With Joy

I wrote this post back in September.  I didn’t have an avenue to share it at that time.  Now that I do, I thought I would post it.  It was inspired by 2 things: 1 – my own struggle to find a new balance to life – a new normal – after transitioning into stay at home motherhood. 2 – the constant complaints and bashing of one’s spouse, children, and tasks required on Facebook. (Look for a future post on that subject.  That one gets me real fired up!)


The lesson I am in the process of learning right now is to joyfully serve my family.  When I have laundry to do, dinner to cook, or a dirty diaper to change, I can do such tasks with joy.  These tasks mean that I have a family, a home, and a baby.  These are blessings.  Big blessings!


Though I’m sure Jesus never laundered towels in a washing machine and folded them for His family, I love this picture to the right.  It reminds me that I can serve like Jesus in the simplest of tasks.

The call on my life is to serve my family and I will do so joyfully.  Sometimes it is easier said than done.  But when deliberately looking for the blessing in tasks that you don’t want to do, the joy will follow.  Maybe not immediately, but it will.  Many people freak out at the word “serve”.  My husband’s call is to serve his family by providing us (not that a wife can’t provide as well), protecting us (both physically and spiritually), and love me like Christ loved the church.  My job as his wife, is to joyfully serve my family and home. I will strive to raise my children to have a servant’s heart.  We are all called to serve our Lord.  Service is a natural and very important part of life.  Servanthood should be practiced more these days, whether for your family or otherwise.

Again, I am, by no means, a perfect example of this.  I don’t think anyone is.  But this has been on my heart this week as a lesson I need a refresher course in.

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