“We Believe…”

My Granddaddy went to heaven in 1996 at the age of 63.  He and my Grandmother were married on April 25, 1953. They got engaged after 2 weeks and were married just 4 weeks later.  He was 19 and she was 20. (I’m a huge supporter of young marriage but I won’t go into that now.) My father, aunts, and uncles will share how there was never any lack of love or affection between their parents. Perhaps a little too much in front of the children…all 6 of them. Apparently, they couldn’t keep their hands off one another. 🙂



When Miss Ryan was 5 weeks old we took a trip home to visit. On the way back we stopped to see my Grandmother and introduce her to yet another great grand. (We tallied up just how many great grands she has that day but I don’t remember. 12? Anyway, there are a lot.)


Ry meeting her great-grandmother for the first time.


One thing about that trip sticks out in my mind. I asked my grandmother her opinion on a certain matter. (I don’t remember what it was.) The question wasn’t important. What was important was a small detail in her answer. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed it. But to me it stood out above anything.


She said, “we believe.”

“What we’ve always believed…”

“What we’ve always preached…”

“What we’ve always done…”


My Granddaddy has been in heaven for over 17 years and my Grandmother still uses “we”.  This says so much to me.

#1 – Her love for him has never died and never will. That flame is not flickering. It is still burning bright.

#2  – What a wonderful husband and leader (spiritual and otherwise) he must’ve been. While husbands and wives can have differing opinions on things, the core values must match. A husband and wife must stand a united front. They stood so strongly together that all these years later she still says “we”. What a testament that is to me.


I know many people probably read this and think, “How sad. Poor woman couldn’t even have her own opinion.” You are, of course, entitled to think that if you want, but you are missing the point. She did have her opinion. And he had his. Maybe they were differing at one (or many) times, but they came together, stood in unity, believed the same, and always had at least one person in the world on their side. All these years later, she still stand in unity with her husband.


Maybe I read too far into this simple choice of words, but it taught me so much. I am blessed to have a husband that will always stand in unity with me. He has taught me so much about my walk with The Lord. I can only pray that if we are ever separated that I too will, without thinking, say, “we believe…”.

A picture with my paternal grandparents on my wedding day in 2010

A picture with my paternal grandparents on my wedding day in 2010