“My Life” From Baby Ry

This post is mainly for family (or anyone else that cares about our daily lives).  Miss Ryan has had an exciting couple of weeks and she wanted to share some of her pictures.


Hi everyone!  I am growing bigger and stronger every day.  My mommy and daddy let me do more and more things these days.  I get to sit up all by myself (no pillow for accidental falls) without them worrying about me falling over, I can almost pull up by myself in my crib, and I like to jump ALL the time!  It is my favorite!

ry1My Lovey got me a shopping cart/high chair cover for Christmas.  Now I get to sit up like a big girl at restaurants!  My mommy forgot to bring me some toys to play with but that’s ok.  I found the napkin roll!  When mommy took that away, I found a menu to chew on.  Aunt Kandice took that one away and offered her finger instead.  I thanked her by biting her with my 2 teeth.  She screamed really loud in the restaurant.  It was so funny!  I finally settled for playing with my burp cloth.  Mommy remembers to bring toys when we go places now.

ry2Mommy and Daddy set up my Pack n Play in the living room.  I like to play in it because it has a lot of toys in it!  I love to lay down, roll around, and scratch the sides with my nails.  (Who am I kidding?  I like to scratch everything!)  Sometimes I have to peek out to make sure Mommy hasn’t forgotten about me.

ry3This is me wearing my first pair of jeans!  I felt super fancy.  I’m a big girl now!  These are actually too big but I just couldn’t wait to wear them.

ry4As you can see, I am super close to crawling.  I get so exciting and I bounce and bounce but I just won’t move my knees forward.  I know how, I’m just not quite ready.  I am really good at going backwards though!

ry5   My mom and I got a Tula for Christmas.  We love it!  I get so excited and giggle each time mom starts to put it on.  We go to the grocery store, go on walks, and cook dinner with it.  It keeps me close enough that Mommy can kiss me whenever she wants. (Which is A LOT!) I really like it when I’m fussy or not feeling good.  It’s like a big hug all the time.  I get to see so many new and exciting things when Mommy wears me.

ry6Here I’m just sitting up like a big girl.  Mom and I like to take pictures to send to Daddy while he’s at work.  My Daddy said he didn’t like this picture because I look too old.  He doesn’t want me to grow up.  But it’s ok.  I’ll always be my daddy’s little girl.

ry7A few days ago I went with my mom to the doctor.  She knew I would yell at her if she tried to make me sit in my car seat so she took a blanket and some toys.  I sat on the floor and played with my toys like a big girl the whole time.  Mom was a little nervous but I know how to behave.  I’m a good girl!

ry8My car seat started to get a bit uncomfortable because I’m such a big girl.  So Mommy and Daddy got me this baby!  I had to test it out in the living room right before bed time.  This thing has memory foam (super comfy) and will grow with me until I’m out of a booster seat.  Faaaan-cy!


ry11While Mommy was installing my new car seat, Daddy made me a fort! (If you call throwing a blanket over my jumper a fort.)  He thought it was super funny.  I just thought it was super fun!  I love Tuesdays and Thursdays when Dad goes to work late because we get to play in the morning.  I like to wake him up when Mommy lays me on top of him in bed.  Sometimes he even watches Veggie Tales with me while Mommy cook breakfast.

ry12I’m super close to pulling myself up in my crib!  Once again, I can totally do it, I just don’t want to make mom and dad feel sad that I’m getting so big.  I like to wake up early in the morning, roll to my tummy and play with my toys.  I am such a good girl that I will play quietly in my bed for close to an hour! Eventually though, my tummy gets hungry.  I squeal for my Mommy and she comes to get me to nurse.  I am always so excited to see my Mommy in the morning and I smile and giggle real big for her.  Mom had to put the side bumper back in my crib because I kept sticking my legs through and getting my chunky thighs stuck.  I would stick my arms out too but they never got stuck.  I thought it was super funny to stick my arms or legs out and pull them in real fast when mom came in but I think she saw me.

ry13Hi!  My name is Minnie Mouse!  I don’t exactly know who Minnie Mouse is but she’s got great style!  I love the ruffles on my skirt.  Even after mom took it off me, I kept playing with my ruffles.

Stayed tuned for more updates from me.  I’m sure to take off soon and officially be a crawler.  In a couple weeks I’ll be going to the nursery at church for the first time, and Mommy and Daddy are having a baby dedication for me.  Life is good!